Jasper Polak

Startup operations & execution advisor

For founders who want to scale their startup without the headaches.

Your company is taking off, which tells me one thing:You’ve got guts.Because it takes serious work to build a business against the odds. Most of your peers never find product-market fit, let alone raise money. So hats off to you.But you know as well as I do this isn’t the finish line. It’s the start. Your team, customers, and board aren’t just betting on your idea. They’re betting on your ability to execute and scale.This means more than building a killer product or pumping money into ads. You have to build a company. You’ll need to build aligned teams, systems, and processes, and maintain a high pace and a thriving culture.That's no small feat (it’s no wonder this is where most founders fail).You can pour every ounce of energy into figuring this out yourself. But while you’re putting out operational fires, your competitors are stealing your market share, your teams are feeling lost, and your investors are wondering if they’ve bet on the wrong horse.What you need is a strategic partner to unleash your teams from operational chaos so they can execute your vision & goals, giving you the time (and headspace) to sell your story to investors and customers.Which is where I’d like to help.

Turning chaos into clarityFor over a decade, I've solved operational challenges that hold back high-growth companies from $5M to $30M - from accelerator programs to private equity-backed ventures.My experience as a startup mentor and fractional COO, coupled with my deep understanding of scaling early-stage tech companies, gives me a unique perspective to tackle your company's growth pains and empower product-driven founders like you.Whether you’re looking for an advisor to guide your operations and strategy execution or a fractional COO to roll up his sleeves and implement it, I’ll be the partner you need to scale your company to the next level.It’s my mission to turn your vision into practical steps that your team can follow without confusion. I want to help your team get sh*t done without relying on you being on the frontline every step of the way.Because you know as well as I do you're at your most effective when working on the highest-leverage activities, not when you're fighting fires all day.For every client I work with, I use proven frameworks like OKRs to build a fast and reliable execution system that fits your company like a glove.

You’ve proven that you can build. Let’s prove that you can scale too.Schedule a free strategy session today.Talk soon,

Jasper Polak
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